Chúa Nhật Phục Sinh 12-04-2020, Năm A – Suy Niệm


by Lisa-Marie Calderone-Stewart

Jesus’ tomb was empty. It had even been cleaned up. The linen burial cloths were folded and rolled up neatly. Everything was left in order and taken care of. Jesus was clearly finished with this grave. No more of this ‘death business’ for him. He left it totally behind, and was fully alive, never to know the sufferings of death again.

Have you ever made a transition in life? Did you ever take a step and know that a part of your former life was totally behind you? What happened? How did you feel? Did you find yourself trying to take care of things or leave things in order in any way? Obviously Mary, Peter and the other disciple were close friends with one another and with Jesus. It is easy to picture the three of them running to the tomb together to be sure of what actually happened.

Who are the Marys and Peters in your life? Have you ever hurried to get to some important place? Have you ever struggled with someone else to figure out what was really happening in an important situation that affected you or a friend of yours? What happened and how did that affect your relationship? (From Liturgy help)


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