Chúa Nhật 14-06-2020, XI Thường Niên, Năm A – Suy Niệm


by Lisa-Marie Calderone-Stewart

Jesus tells us that he is the living bread of life, and that those of us who eat his flesh and drink his blood will live forever. We call that meal the Eucharist; this name means ‘giving thanks’.

Are you thankful for the abundance of food in your life? Or do you take it for granted?

How often have you got ready for an evening meal (after eating once or twice already that day) and said, ‘I’m starving!’

How often do you think of people who only have one tiny meal to eat all day? When you do think of them, how do your thoughts affect you?

The symbol of the meal is significant. In Jesus’ time every item of food had to be prepared, and the ingredients needed to be gathered and used before they spoiled. Preparing and cooking food for a meal was a major job.

What do you think is the overall attitude of teenagers regarding food, nutrition and health? Are most of them careful not to eat junk food – or is junk food their main form of nutrition?

Is there a problem in your area with obesity? How about anorexia? bulimia?

How are today’s meals and meal preparation procedures different from the meals and their preparation in Jesus’ time? (From Liturgy help)


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