Chúa Nhật 02-08-2020, XVIII Thường Niên Năm A – Suy Niệm


by Lisa-Marie Calderone-Stewart

Before Jesus meets up with this crowd, he is actually trying to get away and be by himself, because he has just heard about the death of John the Baptiser. But as soon as his boat reaches the shore, thousands of people are waiting there for him.

What do you think Jesus’ immediate thoughts are upon seeing this huge crowd?

Why do you think the disciples suggest to him that he make all the people go away to find something to eat?

Why do you think Jesus insists that the crowds be fed and not be turned away?

The disciples start with only five loaves and two fish. Five thousand people are there, not counting the women and children. Yet everyone eats their fill, and the leftovers fill twelve baskets.

What is your attitude about leftovers? Do you see leftovers as an aged meal whose flavours have had more time to blend and improve? Or do you see leftovers as food that should have been thrown away?


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